Our Opportunity is Perfect for Veterans and Those Looking to Add on to an Existing Business!

We’re very proud of how a Mosquito Hunters franchise opportunity allows so many people from all walks of life to become business owners, and to do so with our complete training and support. Many of our franchisees started with no background in the home services industry, but many who did saw our investment as a chance to add a self-sufficient operation like a recognized and respected Mosquito Hunters franchise. If you currently work in our industry, and want to add a pest control franchise because:

  • You want to expand your customer base
  • You want to capitalize on industry innovation
  • You want to take advantage of renewable revenue streams
  • You want to see higher profit margins as an owner
    …then joining the Mosquito Hunters franchise family might be your next best move!

Ours is a Perfect Franchise for Veterans and First Responders!
Mosquito Hunters believes in helping veteran, first responder, and minority candidates become business owners — and through “VetFran,” “First Responder” and “MinorityFran” initiatives, we do just that!
Our veteran-friendly franchise allows veterans to put many important skills they learned in the service to work growing a business, making it easier for them to transition into civilian life. Veterans and first responders are a special breed of people who give selflessly and work for the safety and well-being of others. We depend on their sacrifice, which is why we’re proud to offer a one-time 10% discount on our franchise fee to any honorably discharged service person. This discount is also available to any active or retired first responder, as well as minority applicants who are working to realize the American Dream through a Mosquito Hunters franchise.

Our pest control franchise for veterans, first responders and minorities means you can enjoy the satisfaction of business ownership powered by:

  • The home services industry that sees consistently high profit margins
  • A nationally-recognized lifestyle brand
  • The lowest startup costs in the industry
  • An exclusive and protected territory
  • Recurring revenue streams
  • Our comprehensive training and support

Are you an honorably discharged veteran looking to apply your skills in the business world? We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch today!

Enjoy Our Strategic Marketing
Small businesses like ours face unique challenges, and one of them is how to market oneself. Big companies spend millions of dollars building brand awareness, appealing to the media, and keeping boards of directors happy. Small businesses don’t have the money or time for that; they need to see a return on investment (ROI) as quickly as possible.

Our in-house marketing team uses sophisticated marketing strategies to build the Mosquito Hunters brand name and introduce communities across the country to our friendly approach to pest control. Every marketing channel we use, whether it’s social media, print advertising, radio, or TV, is tracked by our operations software. This allows us (and our franchisees) to monitor key metrics and feedback, track client referrals, and refine our marketing approach — resulting in a quicker ROI for our franchise partners.

We don’t waste time or money on strategies or outlets that don’t work. Our marketing expertise is just one of the important benefits you’ll enjoy when you expand your business ownership with Mosquito Hunters.

Call (855) 424-8683 and speak with a Franchise Development Specialist today!

Don't just take our word for it, hear from our franchisees

We love the TEAM environment of Mosquito Hunters. Everyone within Mosquito Hunters has been very helpful from the beginning and they continue to be as we push through to grow our franchise.  There is someone to reach out to every step of the way, with every and any question that arises. We are proud to say we own a Mosquito Hunters Franchise.  
Anthony Scheeda
From Franchise Owner Buffalo, NY
The Mosquito Hunters team provides everything you could need when it comes to marketing, analytics, technology — you name it. There is also a national call center that helps with bringing in customers. It is amazing what the top-notch corporate team can do.
Alicia Harkins
From Franchise Owner Long Island, NY
We joined Mosquito Hunters because it was a fantastic financial opportunity that complements our other businesses perfectly. From the outstanding support we receive from the franchise team to the top-notch marketing support, Mosquito Hunters is always there to help us grow and be successful.
Beth Willis
From Franchise Owner Grand Rapids, MI
I wish I found this business earlier! There is very little stress. All I have to do is to keep good relationships with my customers and they stay with us. Then, each year we're adding new customers and continuing to build our business.
Cindy Hostbjor
From Franchise Owner Lafayette, LA
We wanted something that was low cost to start up and something that provided a great service to the community and recurring revenue. Mosquito Hunters really hit all of those boxes.
Adrian Eaddy
From Franchise Owner Atlanta, GA
When we launched our goal was to hit 200 customers in year one. We ended up bringing on over 400 customers and had a 90% repeat rate heading into our second year. This model works.
Scott Lantzman
From Franchise Owner Livingston, NJ
I am very grateful that in a time where the world seemed to stop due to the pandemic, my business took off. Being an essential business gave my family some security during a very scary time.
Mary Guarino
From Franchise Owner Bucks County, PA
I grew sick of going to work every day, making money for someone else. I wanted to start making money for myself and my family. What really sold me on Mosquito Hunters was their training. It really helped me transition into owning my own business
Ken Freshley
From Franchise Owner St. Peters, MO