About Our Mosquito Spraying Business

Back in 2014, when our founder, Andy Fuller, first started thinking about going into business for himself, mosquitoes certainly weren’t on his mind. He was just looking for a way to break free of the corporate world he’d grown weary of; he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life behind a desk, growing someone else’s bottom line and watching others get credit for his good ideas.

So, he made the leap and decided to become a business owner – but what kind of business should he launch? By focusing on what he didn’t want as an owner, Andy was able to narrow down on what he did want:

  • To operate in an industry with consistently high margins
  • To enjoy a renewable revenue stream
  • To be in an emerging space that allows for innovation and growth
  • To begin with low startup costs
  • To keep things simple
  • To have some fun
  • To give back to his community

From these basic criteria, the Mosquito Hunters franchise was born!
Our mosquito business is defined by a simple, scalable business model that takes advantage of the remarkable stability and high profit margins of the robust home services industry. We believe in the importance of building and maintaining relationships with both our customers and our franchise partners, and we’re looking for hardworking individuals who share our values.
We love being in an emerging space that allows us the room and flexibility to grow and innovate and stay one step ahead of the competition. You can count on our training and support to help you do the same!

Yes, But What About the Bees (and Other Good Critters)?
We make sure our technicians work to protect not only pets, children, and family members, but the bees, butterflies, and other essential wildlife that make their homes in and around our backyards.
Our primary barrier treatment is a synthetic extract of chrysanthemum flowers, the same extract you’ll find in pet shampoos, because it’s derived from plants and it breaks down naturally into harmless byproducts. We also offer all-natural sprays that are a great option when a significant portion of a customer’s property is dedicated to vegetable gardens, ponds, or other features that require extra care.
Keeping the environment healthy is important to our customers, and to us, too. In fact, our approach is a real differentiator in a crowded field of competitors, and it’s an advantage all our franchisees enjoy.

The Mosquito Hunters Difference
Sometimes it takes a difference to make a difference. When you partner with Mosquito Hunters to make a difference in your community, you’ll enjoy the exclusive advantages of our:

  • Time-tested systems and processes
  • Preferred vendor relationships with pre-negotiated pricing
  • Corporate Dojo – a dedicated team that handles all sales inquiries, allowing you to focus on operations and growth
  • Diverse customer base of homeowners and businesses including day care centers, restaurants, golf courses, and many more

Lots of Flexibility
At Mosquito Hunters, we know there’s more to life than just work. Many of our franchise partners find that a mosquito spraying business is a perfect way to strike a healthy balance between what they need to do and what they want to do.
The Mosquito Hunters franchise opportunity taps into a fast-growing industry and features a renewable revenue stream that franchisees count on year after year. Our scalable business model is flexible enough to operate as a full-time standalone business, or as a supplement to other income. Either way, you’ll enjoy a seasonal schedule that leaves more time for fun outside of work – you can travel, take up hobbies, and enjoy your family and friends!

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Don't just take our word for it, hear from our franchisees

The seasonality and the differentiation by providing high quality customer service drove me to Mosquito Hunters. The model works.
Jane Connerton
From Mosquito Hunters of Eastern Cincinnati
We love the TEAM environment of Mosquito Hunters. Everyone has been very helpful from the beginning and they continue to be.
Anthony Scheeda
From Mosquito Hunters of Buffalo
I am proud to be a Mosquito Hunters Franchisee, among such incredible Business Owners and a supportive Franchisor!
Jen Graft

Call (855) 424-8683 and speak with a Franchise Development Specialist today!