Why Take Advantage if Our Mosquito Business Opportunity?

We’re a Lifestyle Business that Leaves Room for Life!

We often get asked: “What do Mosquito Hunters franchisees do off-season, when pests are no longer an issue?”
Our answer: “Anything they want!”
If you’re searching for a way to enjoy your work more while adding quality time to your life, our mosquito control franchise opportunity might just be the answer. Our services are typically in demand right up to the beginning of winter — and longer in areas with year-round temperate climates — which means Mosquito Hunters franchisees enjoy both the security of regular income and the luxury of a flexible schedule with plenty of room for life’s pleasures!
Because ours is a seasonal service, our franchisees know far in advance when they’ll be busy and when they’ll have time to take family vacations, learn new hobbies, or plan for important occasions. Our technicians are never stuck behind a desk, they’re working outdoors with homeowners, business owners, municipalities, and more. Our services don’t require property owners to be on site during treatment and as a Mosquito Hunters franchisee you can choose to be hands-on yourself, or delegate responsibilities to trusted employees. Either way, our mosquito control business opportunity means you can count on recurring revenue and a flexible schedule that leaves more time for friends and family.

Helping You Grow with Targeted Marketing
The great thing about joining a pest control franchise brand like Mosquito Hunters is that you’ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself — and targeted marketing efforts are one of the most important pillars of our franchisee support.
Anyone who starts a business from scratch knows how hard it can be to develop effective campaigns and build a client base. At Mosquito Hunters, our expert marketing team will help you from Day One! Our brand depends on the success of each and every one of our partners, which means our expert staff is here to help you:

  • Use the best marketing strategies to help you grow your business
  • Track the effectiveness of marketing channels to see which ones work best
  • Use operations software to let you know where and how your clients find you
  • Develop marketing campaigns based on facts, not gut instincts

The Mosquito Hunters brand name is already recognized as a trusted and reliable source for pest control, which means you won’t have to spend valuable time building your reputation – we’ve already done it for you!

Low Overhead and No Long-Term Leases
Our mosquito franchise opportunity is a home-based business opportunity with low overhead and no need for dedicated office space, which means no commercial lease required. You’re free to work from the comfort of your own living room or home office, and a simple self-storage unit is a great low-cost option to keep any necessary equipment that won’t fit in your basement or garage.

Other Benefits of Our Opportunity Include:

  • A lightning-fast growth industry
  • A strong financial performance history
  • Protected territories
  • Flexible start-up options

Do Your Due Diligence, then Become a Mosquito Hunter!
There are any number of pest control franchise opportunities out there, but not all are created equal – some are simply better than others! Mosquito Hunters has established itself as one of the absolute best, from our trusted, recognized brand name, to comprehensive franchisee training and support, to our dedicated sales and marketing teams. Our value proposition is unmatched and here for you to build your own buzz with a successful mosquito control franchise!

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Don't just take our word for it, hear from our franchisees

The seasonality and the differentiation by providing high quality customer service drove me to Mosquito Hunters. The model works.
Jane Connerton
From Mosquito Hunters of Eastern Cincinnati
We love the TEAM environment of Mosquito Hunters. Everyone has been very helpful from the beginning and they continue to be.
Anthony Scheeda
From Mosquito Hunters of Buffalo
I am proud to be a Mosquito Hunters Franchisee, among such incredible Business Owners and a supportive Franchisor!
Jen Graft

Call (855) 424-8683 and speak with a Franchise Development Specialist today!