Why hunt mosquitoes & ticks?

A real problem plagues many people and animals.

Mosquito & tick control is experiencing lightning-fast growth and broad acceptance, as national media coverage of insect-borne illnesses like Zika, West Nile, Heartworm and Lyme reminds people of the threats of mosquitoes & ticks.

Mosquitoes & ticks have been around for the last 79+ million years and have clearly demonstrated staying power.

Oftentimes, a great business opportunity is based on solving a simple problem.

Mosquito Hunters' business logic...

  • Own a business with a renewable revenue stream (mosquitoes & ticks keep coming back throughout the season and year after year, which means happy clients will continue have a need for your services)
  • Hanging out in the backyard never goes out of style
  • Be in the home services business (which allows the opportunity for high profit margins)
  • Own a business where your employees don't go inside the home and the client doesn't need to be home for you to do your work (which allows for a lot of operational flexibility, significantly lower liability, and - again - higher profit margins)
  • Be in a lightning-fast growing industry with room for innovation (allowing you the opportunity to grab a piece of an expanding pie)
  • Own a business with a diversified prospective client base so that you can stay successful in good economies and bad (we can serve all types of clients, from homeowners to commercial accounts, from day cares to restaurants, from golf courses to municipalities, and more) 

Why Mosquito Hunters?

We have streamlined an already simple concept


  • Time-tested systems & processes
  • Preferred vendors with pre-negotiated pricing
  • Comprehensive upfront training
  • Continuous support & education

We have an inbound phone sales team


Our sales team quotes & sells to your prospective clients over the phone, freeing you up to focus on your business operations, which is the key to securing repeat clients.  Also, Mosquito Hunters' clients often pay for services in advance.  

We make fact-based marketing & advertising investment decisions


We started the original Mosquito Hunters location in 2014.  We understand that the purpose of marketing for a small business is to sell something right now – not "get the word out" and not try to become a local celebrity.  Every penny spent on marketing should be with the intention of delivering return on investment (ROI), verifying that your marketing is actually bringing you new clients.

Our model allows for a lot of lifestyle flexibility


You have the option to operate as a standalone business or supplement your current lifestyle.  Leverage seasonality to spend more time with family, travel, focus on other businesses, or even focus on your “day job.”   

No retail or office space is necessary, so keep your overhead low


Mosquito Hunters is a quick-starting home-based business.  If additional storage space is needed, a simple drive-up self-storage unit is a great low-cost option. 

Recurring Revenue Model


Mosquitoes have been around at least 79 million years and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  Build a business with repeat clientele by solving a problem that is older than the human race!

how the service works

Check out one of Mosquito Hunters' recent TV segments for more details on our how our service works...

Mosquito Hunters barrier treatments start working right away - and keep working for weeks

When you hire Mosquito Hunters, our licensed Technicians will apply a treatment to your yard that will keep the mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks away for twenty-one days, backed by our Client Happiness Promise. Our technicians apply EPA-approved products using a low-emission backpack sprayer designed for precise elimination. All-natural options are available as well.

By canvassing your property on foot, we are able to provide an application that is specially tailored for your property. Our Technicians target your plants with a barrier spray that eliminates mosquitoes on contact and bonds to vegetation, where it serves as a mosquito repellent for weeks to come. Additionally, your Technician will audit your property for active larvae populations and will neutralize potential mosquito breeding areas. Thirty minutes after the barrier treatment has been applied, your yard is ready for family and pets to come out and play.

All of the products used in our standard mosquito barrier treatments are synthetic forms of pyrethrins called pyrethroids. Pyrethrins originate from the extract of chrysanthemum flowers and they are used in various household products including dog shampoos and lice shampoos (as in the ones that are applied directly to the human scalp). 

Mosquito Hunters’ mosquito barrier treatments also work well against fleas and ticks.  Mosquito barrier treatments can be scheduled at your convenience. Whether you are at home or not, your technician will always leave behind a work order, verifying that your mosquito barrier treatment has been successfully completed. The most effective way to keep mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks away throughout the season is through the use of season packages, with which your technician will return every 3 weeks to apply additional barrier treatments to your yard. 

Estimated Pre-Opening Expenses

*See Franchise Disclosure Document for all details regarding Estimated Initial Investment requirements

Training & support

Here at Mosquito Hunters, our corporate team takes pride in helping our Franchisees grow. We’ve come to understand that it’s the Franchise Owners keeping us in business and we make ourselves available to them all hours of the day to provide the assistance they need.  

We want to enable our Owners to  continually grow their businesses as the market evolves, including business development coaching, compliance assistance, and local marketing guidance.      



It cannot be overstated that any small business needs to know exactly how to leverage relevant marketing in order to gain clients in today’s world.

We’ve found that the most commonly misunderstood point of failure among new small businesses relates to a misunderstanding of what marketing is and how it must be utilized and measured.


Small business should not view marketing from the same perspective as large public companies like Coca-Cola, Apple, and Nike. A big company needs marketing to serve a variety of purposes, including: pleasing its board of directors, pleasing its stockholders, looking appealing to Wall Street, looking appealing to the media, building brand identity, winning awards for advertising, and then – finally – trying to sell something.   

As a small business, ourselves, we understand that the purpose of marketing for a small business is to sell something right now – not "get the word out," not win awards, and not try to become famous in one’s local community. Every penny spent on marketing should be with the intention of delivering return on investment (ROI) so that you can gain more clients as quickly as you can. 


At Mosquito Hunters, we take this a few steps further: 

  1. Every marketing channel used by a Mosquito Hunters franchise owner – be it online search, social media, print, shared mailers, radio, TV, etc. – comes with its own dedicated phone number. This means that by tracking which particular phone number was called, we can see how many people actually decided to call in upon seeing one of our ads. 
  2. Our operations software allows all users to track client referral sources, so that you may know how your clients found you.  

On an ongoing basis, these marketing metrics can be tracked and refined (i.e. identify those channels that are working well and invest more heavily, find those channels that are performing poorly and remove them from your marketing playbook). Stack the deck in your favor by relying on cold-hard marketing facts rather than anecdotal information and “gut feelings” about marketing that may or may not be carrying its own weight.      

Hey Mom, we're on tv!

Check out Mosquito Hunters' 30-second TV commercial... 

Franchisee profile


A Mosquito Hunters franchisee must want more than just another way to make money.   

“We believe our business exists to build relationships with our clients and with each other. When we provide support, these relationships grow. With extraordinary relationships, we believe that client loyalty, brand integrity, profitability, and professionalism are inherent.”    


                                                                                                – from Mosquito Hunters Mission Statement    

In other words, build relationships with your clients, your employees, and your community and the money and success will come naturally. We believe this at our core and we want to find those franchisees that share these values with us.   


We recommend franchisee owner-operators significantly invest time in building relationships with clients, employees, vendors, and the local community - particularly the local community of other business owners. Our model also can work for semi-absentee owners, in which case a manager would be hired to handle these duties.  

Start the day by meeting with Technicians and stocking their vehicle inventory with mosquito control products, paperwork, and other supplies. From there, on a typical day, the franchisee will spend the rest of the workday scheduling treatments using our software, responding to phone calls and emails from existing clients, and interacting with Mosquito Hunters' turnkey sales team, which fields inbound calls from prospective clients and closes sales over the phone, allowing for a consistent client experience and freeing up our franchisees to focus on business operations, which is integral to securing a repeat client base.  

As the day is wrapping up, a franchisee might attend a local networking event (Chamber of Commerce, BNI, etc.) where he/she will have the opportunity to engage with the local community and build more business with Mosquito Hunters. 


Our Ideal Franchisee Profile:

  • Executive or full-time ownership
  • High vigor / work ethic
  • Passionate about service
  • Management experience (hiring, training, motivating)
  • Sales skills are a bonus, but not essential 
  • Clean background (no criminal background or credit issues)   

What do You Do in the winter?

Below we answer the common question, "What does a Mosquito Hunter do in the off-season?"

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